Testimonial Areias do Seixo

A magical place in a magical setting, Areias do Seixo is a natural haven less than one hour from Lisbon. This is a special place where pine trees, dunes and sea murmur their secrets. Guests experience originality, sublime comfort and an unerring sense of style that seamlessly blends in with the natural surroundings of the land, the sea and the shore.

Each room tells its own intriguing story, while the restaurant transports guests to a place where aroma, taste and colour come together, using raw materials sourced from a bountiful Mother Nature. 

How did you manage your hotel operations, marketing, and reservations before partnering with Guestcentric?

Guestcentric is our first booking engine and channel manager partner. Although we had a website prior to partnering with Guestcentric, we did not have a direct sales channel and only worked manually with third-party reservations channels.

Although we were not working at Areias do Seixo prior to partnering with Guestcentric, we cannot begin to imagine how our team managed our properties and reservations without the platform. All our information was stored in an excel file, so it must have been extremely challenging to manage not only the bookings, but also the guest communications prior to the guests’ stay, all of which required lots of staff to work through the information.

Although we had a website before joining Guestcentric, it was not managed by us but by the provider. Everytime we wanted to edit or update content, it had to be done through them. Now the structure of our hotel is very different. We have a small but dedicated communications team with the skill set to manage these activities internally, and having Guestcentric’s application makes it that much easier.

In your view, what are some of the benefits or gains you have received or expect to receive from using Guestcentric's Booking Engine, Website, and Channel Manager solution?

From an internal perspective, it’s much easier to manage all the bookings because everything is integrated. We have the connection between the information the guest can see and the information in our PMS, which helps us a great deal in our daily management.

The website is also an effective tool to communicate with our guests, and having it integrated with Guestcentric’s booking engine has also helped us increase our direct sales. Essentially, we can sell more in less time.

We truly believe that the service we are providing, in terms of information and communication to the client, is much better because we have those tools. Imagine for instance we have a special promotion that we want to launch, we can get it live online very quickly.

Essentially, we can sell more in less time.

How has Guestcentric's integrated BE, WS, and CM solutions improved the daily operations of your hotel, as well as sales and marketing for guests?

Because we’re a small team running two properties, I cannot imagine us doing our jobs without these tools. Given all the information, people, and procedures to take into account when processing bookings and managing inventory, all this would be impossible to manage without these tools.

Even when we are sleeping, the platform does the work for us so we can rest. Otherwise, it would be impossible to sleep. Because we work with so many different global markets and timezones, we can receive bookings at any time. Therefore, it’s been crucial for us to have this tool selling for us at anytime of the day, and also on weekends so we can chill.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1=Unlikely & 10=Likely) how likely are you to recommend Guestcentric's customer service to industry peers and why?

We would say 9 out of 10. Most of the time when we have an issue or questions, a simple phone call will suffice to solve the matter at hand. We feel there is a genuine interest and availability from Guestcentric’s customer support team.

We have also developed a good relationship with our Account Manager from Portugal, Nelson. Meanwhile, the online chat service has also proven to be extremely helpful, with a straightforward and quick response time.

I cannot imagine us doing our jobs without these tools.

We really love the Click-to-Book tool. It’s been super handy when we want to share and promote a special offer for specific dates.

What is the one feature of our platform that you love the most? 

In terms of the website and booking engine, we really love the Click-to-Book tool. It’s been super handy when we want to share and promote a special offer for specific dates, especially on instagram stories we can use this link to share a room which we only have available for one night. We can create a specific link with this offer, and it is another opportunity for us to sell more.

Guestcentric also has really strong connections with channel managers such as Siteminder, which has been very useful for our distribution. We can work directly with Guestcentric for the website and booking engine, but it’s also helpful to have these connections with other channel managers and systems.

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