hotel gds


Compete on a global scale

Over 600,00 travel professionals connect to the GDS every day with the sole purpose of booking accomodation.

Looking to make a little more from our inventory? Connect to the GDS for a higher Average Daily Rate and up to 50% more on-site spend than on OTAs.

The right rate strategy can make all the differene. We work with you from the start to help you get te most our of the GDS: comprehensive GDS Representation service that goes beyond connectivity, generic saler and marketing activities.

"... hotel GDS is more relevant now than it has ever been and the results speak volumes."

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GDS Representation includes

- Complete GDS content setup & update following switch

- VFM- Setup and content population + training for rich content management

- Corporate Respresentation

- Bespoke GDS switch campaign

- Strategic GDS analysis with quarterly production review

- Lanyon RFP Publisher and Lanyon Market Leads

- Negotiated rate loading included - up to 20 nigotiated rates per year

- Travel Agent comissions paid through Onyx WPS

- GDS Marketing Campaigns and opportunities

- Access to Consortia programmes