Corporate Social Responsability

Coroporate Social Responsability

At GuestCentric we are committed in giving back to society and have social, civic and economical responsibility And that is why GuestCentric aims to be a continuously responsible company.
It's important for us to be active in the contribution to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Helping the Community

Helping the Environment

In the recent years, the climate changes have been shaping our world in several ways, affecting entire ecosystems throughout the globe.  Acting in the Travel Industry , one of the most driven industries in the world, we wanted do our part in the process by putting the same passion and effort which we take pride everyday, by tackling this huge challenge and pave the way for a present and future sustainability of this amazing world we live in.

But with so many areas with potential, how could we make a tangible and immediate difference? Well with such an amazing coastline in our HQ’s location, why not get started by one of the areas which is most affected by tourism? Every single year, sea pollution has shown to be a huge concern with it’s impact in the local marine eco-ecosystems and, having the sea providing us with so much in our life, we felt that this was the perfect time to show our gratification to sea and clean its extraordinary sand shores.

Not only we have the chance to get some amazing team gatherings, but we also show our gratitude to Nature for what it provides us everyday!

And this is only the start.
'Little by little, a little becomes a lot.'