Hotel Cuatro Naciones surprised by explosive online growth

55-room hotel back on growth track with new modern website. Business analytics enabled online to become #1 source of sales and maintain $150 ADR in downturn economy. Moving into mobile and social.

The Challenge

The Hotel Cuatro Naciones is an independent property of 55 rooms located in the heart of La Rambla, the most visited street in Barcelona. Like many other hotels all over the world, Cuatro Naciones experienced a dramatic drop in reservations at the beginning of 2009. Aware of the changes in preferences of the travelers towards online services, the hotel had to look for alternative sales strategies:


  • Embrace online solutions to help overcome the economic crisis,
  • Provide exceptional services for demanding travelers
  • Increase direct online bookings



After an exhaustive search with different providers, the manager of the hotel found in GuestCentric Systems the solution that fit their needs; a company that focuses primarily on independent properties and provides a one-stop-shop online solution at affordable prices.
Hotel Cuatro Naciones adopted GuestCentric’s full-feature platform, which provided them with powerful online marketing and distribution tools.

Deployed a brand new hotel website design in a few weeks

Based on the industry best practices and intensive usability tests, the new interactive website provides visitors with all the necessary information about the property and surroundings, focusing on performance, i.e. improving the visitors-to-booking ratio. Taking advantage of the multilingual website feature, the hotel expanded their target markets and now attracts visitors from Italy, France, United Kingdom and United States. With GuestCentric’s unique InstantHotel Technology, Cuatro Naciones can now take full control of their website, update, add and edit information whenever is necessary, forgetting about external programmers or designers.

Website powered with innovative booking engine

Because GuestCentric’s platform is fully integrated, The Cuatro Naciones website comes with GuestCentric best in class hotel booking engine that provides a truly interactive shopping experience for visitors. This innovative one-screen booking engine has an interactive calendar that displays up to 550 days of real-time availability and pricing. Due to its ease-of-use Cuatro Naciones was able to reinvent its online offers and target more sophisticated visitors.
With its unique double security certification with security shields from VeriSign Secured and McAfee Secure, customers are ensured that all personal information submitted stays private.

A reservation platform with relevant business information

The interaction with the BackOffice dashboard has helped the hotel manager better understand the behavior of their online visitors and measure the website success. With access to easy graphical information that was not available before, the hotel manager can now take timely actions like create and test different marketing campaigns to increase visitors flow and direct online bookings. And through the use of cost effective advertising campaigns combined with the latest trends of the market, Hotel Cuatro Naciones was able to adapt new ways to improve brand awareness and increase market share.
In addition, the Hotel Cuatro Naciones can now simplify guest and contacts management by creating an automated database with all the relevant information to help in the optimization of marketing campaigns.

“The analytical information provided by the dashboard helped us understand the importance of the international market for our property. The international traffic of the website accounts for 80% of the visits and more than 50% of our online reservations, after learning this information it was crucial for the hotel to simplify the searching process. That is when we decided to add another language to our website.”

The results were forceful

The results for the Hotel Cuatro Naciones exceeded all expectations. Within a month and a half of launching their new website and booking engine, the hotel experienced a 190% increase on their direct online reservations.  And in the middle of an unfavorable economic period, within 3 months of deployment the online reservations alone were responsible for an increase of 180% on the overall hotel business.
Especially important for independent hoteliers, the simplicity of the integrated platform allows the hotel managers to spend more time in strategically planning and taking care of their customers rather than only managing reservations.

“The old website provided basic information about the property, so it was never part of our sales tools strategy. The first time we saw the new interactive website, we immediately saw the benefits of using it as our primarily sales tool.”