GuestCentric’s Frequently Asked Questions for Partners

In our efforts to facilitate the communication flow we have created this FAQ where you can browse for general doubts and questions. You can find Questions related to Contract, Payments, Additional Services and the product.

General Questions

What information is needed to move on as Partner?

We need information on your business and what your short/long term goals are as our representative in your area. You need to agree to the contract of services with your Account Manager.

What is the GC Partner Role?

You will be the key contact in your area for the hotelier. You will be responsible to generate more business in your area and give general support to your customers.

What products do you offer the Hotelier?

Some of the Products we offer are: Booking Engine, Website design, Facebook page and social marketing, Mobile website, PMS integration, Channel Management, Portal website development.
NB. Since we’re constantly upgrading our Product and partnering with external providers please ask your e-commerce Manager for an updated list of products.

Is there going to be any training for the Partner?

Yes, initially all training given will be online. You will have access to GC documentation to help in your sales process. Agents will also be provided with a GC email account.

I need to review some items/features on the platform, who can I turn to for help?

If you have any sales doubts you should contact your e-comerce Manager. However, if your doubt is related with the platform or any technical issues you should contact our support team at explaining your doubt/problem.
We also have a help page for quick reference that explains with easy to use, step-by-step e-cards several topics of the platform.
Furthermore there are weekly webinars available in both English (Thursdays at 11AM EST) and Spanish (Wednesdays at 11AM EST).
To attend one of these webinars please send an email to stating the day you would like to attend and how many are attending. Alternatively click on the below link.
We recommend The Reseller/Agent attend one of these webinars at least once every quarter.


Where can I find information about commission related to Additional Services(i.e website development)?

The Reseller can find information related to discounts and fees on point 10, Exhibit 2 of their contract.
The Agent Can find information related to discounts and fees on point 8, Exhibit 2 of their contract.

I don't think I can make the targets set on the contract. Is there a way we could discuss other numbers?

The numbers set on the contract are feasible numbers. But if you, for one reason or other don’t think you can make it, let us know, providing a reason and an analysis of the numbers you can reach.

I want to be an exclusive reseller for my region, is this possible?

The contract is by default non-exclusive as it’s very difficult for one entity to cover vast territories. So unless the territory is small, we don’t work on exclusivity.
To avoid to partners contacting the same hotel we request a prevision every quarter of hotels the partner is either contacting or will contact during that quarter. This also helps the e-commerce manager organize the pipeline of hotels.

If GuestCentric change their pricing, how much notice will I be given?

GuestCentric gives the partner a 90 day notice to adapt to the new pricing.


If I am a Reseller who does the hotel make the payment to?

In the case of being a Reseller GuestCentric invoices the reseller and the Reseller int turn takes payment from hotel. It is the Resellers responsibility to make collect payment from hotel.
NB. Extra services such as, website design, Channel Management integration etc.are prepaid. Development of these will not start until payment to GuestCentric is made.

If I am an Agent who does the hotel make the payment to?

In the case of being a Agent GuestCentric invoices the hotel directly and once payments is made, commission is paid to the Agent the following quarter.
NB. Extra services such as, website design, Channel Management integration etc.are prepaid. Development of these will not start until payment to GuestCentric is made.

How does the fixed fee payment work?

The Fixed fee option is a prepaid Service. The hotel needs to select which of the three options they would like to work with on the PO (Purchase Order form) indicating start date. Once received, the Accounting Dept will issue an invoice for the current month. Services that the hotel will have signed up for will only go Live once payment for the first month has been received.
For Example Start date : February 15th.
Service : Booking Pro $350 per month
1st invoice is issued Feb. 15th and corresponds to 14 days (from 15 to 29)
($350/29days) x 14 days = $168.97

Invoice are issued the first few days of each month and correspond to current month.
NB. Extra services such as, website design, Channel Management integration etc.are prepaid. Development of these will not start until payment to GuestCentric is made.

Payment terms: 30 days of invoicing date.

For example:

1- PO received for Online Expert
2- A pro forma invoice corresponding to monthly amount is issued
3- Payment corresponding to first month of service(ex: $500 February 20th)
4- Original invoice is issued corresponding to payment made.
5- Development of product
6- Date all products go live (ie. March 15th).
7- The invoice issued for first monthly fee corresponds to the period of March 15th – April 15th)
8- The second invoice will be issued for the period of April 15th to April 30th
9- All following invoices will be issued beginning of each month, corresponding to current month.

How does invoicing of the commission plan work (Pay-As-You-Go)?

Invoicing of commissions are issued according to check-out date of reservations.

Ie: For reservations with check out date in March an invoice will be issued with date of March 31st (Last day of month). Beginning of April details of reservations will be sent out with check out date in March, so that the Reseller can invoice the hotel (in the case of Agent GuestCentric invoices the hotel directly)
GuestCentric will also send out (to the Reseller) an invoice related to the same reservations beginning of April.

How does invoicing of additional products (ie. websites, social media, mobile) work on the commission plan?

Upon receiving the PO GuestCentric sends out a pro forma invoice related to the subscribed product.

The development only starts after payment has been received of at least 50% of the product value.

Methods of payment

– To proceed with payment of credit/debit card you can use the below link. Although there should be no need to have a PayPal account to make a payment, in some cases it is required to create one. .

– Wire transfer to:

Banc:Investors Savings Bank
Address:255 Lafayette Street
Newark NJ 07105
United States
Account: 1010109219
ABA: 221272031

Can we extend the payment period to 60 or 90 days? Sometimes hotels delay payments.

No, the payment period is 30 days and cannot be extended. Additional surcharges will incur for late payments without any reason or notice given.

NB. For any other Billing issues please refer to our Billing information page


I'm in talks with various hotels to sell GuestCentric products. Do I send the hotel information by email, together with PO once I've closed the deal?

You will need to send your e-commerce manager a list of minimum 5 possible clients to close for the month.
Using the link below you will fill in each of the hotels data, as complete as possible so that we can create the back office once PO has been received.

What information is needed to create the hotel's account/back office?

We need Property’s full address (Street name and number, Town/City, Post code, region and Country), Reservations phone and fax if applicable, reservations email, Property domain(s), Main User/Decision Makers email. You need to specify if it is a booking engine only client or website. A base language needs to be defined (this is the language that the user will work on and from where the translations are going to be made).

What info is needed for booking engine only clients to go live?

You need to complete the setup of the property (Room inventory, room types, rates, etc)
Ask for the clients FTP details of website (Domain, Username and password) we pass it on to our engineers to insert booking engine. They are the ones to evaluate where the booking engine will be inserted.

If the client or their webmaster is inserting the booking engine please send them the following e-card that explains where to get the codes for different layouts and languages: How can I get the codes to insert my Booking Engine

In less than 24 hours you can have your service active on your website!

What info is needed for website clients?

You need to complete the setup of the property (Room inventory, room types, rates, etc) Good Quality and High resolution images are needed for the banner.
To redirect the new GuestCentric website to the hotel’s website the following steps need to be followed by Hotel or webmaster with access to the domains control panel.
1- Login into your control panel
2- Change A record for the domain ( to point to the IP address.
3- Change the CNAME record for the subdomain ( to point to
NB. We will send you a customized message at the time the hotel’s new website has been developed.

What are the basic steps for a setup session?

Please refer to ISS Script check List (Provided on Partner Pack)

The new design is ready, why can't I view the website content I have been inserting?

Once you’ve started to insert content on the hotel’s Back office you need to make sure you click on the “Publish” button to be able to view it.

When should I/the Hotel start inserting content for the booking engine/website?

Ideally Setup/ISS (Initial Setup Session) should start as soon as accesses to Back Office are created.