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GuestCentric is the all-in-one hotel digital marketing solution: website design, social & mobile marketing, booking engine and channel managements.

Hotel Groups and Portals.

Marketing has never been this easy. No hassle, no worries, GuestCentric takes care of what you need. Create greater awareness of your location in a short window of time. Improve guests shopping experience. Custom-designed dynamic packaging for all size hotels, resorts, luxury villas or any other type of services. Attract customers and retain them. Next-generation all-in-one technology for hotel groups and portals. Simple.

Booking Engine

Booking Engine

Portals that sell more. Everything we do is focused on helping you sell more accommodation online.  Our hotel groups and portal features:

  • A simple booking engine that incents guests to book.
  • At-a-glance deal shopping.
  • Multi-language.
  • Security seals from Verisign and McAfee.
  • Many ways to pay: major credit cards and also PayPal, Google Check-out, Bill Me Later.

Search Widget

GuestCentric provides a small feature with huge impact. A great segmentation tool that attends to all needs.

  • Filter by price, location, type of accommodation or activity. You choose.
  • Dynamic widget to aggregate content, generate leads and grow your audience.
Map Search

Map Search

Click for directions. Drive guests to your location. No need to use external pages.

  • A reliable feature powered by Google maps.
  • Automatically included, free setup fees.
  • Optimized for mobile and tablet users.
  • Embed properties to your map.

Details Page

Simple and quick process to share details that range from the teaser title to general description to facilities. Aggregate all information in a single page. Easy to read. Users do not have to go elsewhere.

  • Reflect the experiences of the different boutique hotels, luxury villas, resorts or other accommodations.
  • Easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for hoteliers.
  • Correct a typo, edit the page and add or change pictures in a glance.
  • Up to 11 languages (no additional cost).
Map Search

Quick Search

GuestCentric helps you get more out of your business. With high-performance full-text search information is at your fingertips. A truly timesaving feature. Fast and intuitive.

  • Find text requested at an astonishing rate.
  • Quick search that prioritizes results according to the title, teaser title, teaser description and general description.
  • Shows all pages that display the full-search results.
  • Enhances hotel groups and portals website usability.

Location and Experience Tag

Differentiate your hotel by associating experience and location tags with it. Use keywords that optimize your marketing strategy.

  • Include experience tags relevant for your destination; gourmet, golf, relax, wine, nightlife, etc.
Map Search

Integration with Tripadvisor

GuestCentric provides a solution that integrates your most important channels. We provide guests with reviews published in Tripadvisor on your details page. Decision-making made easy.

  • Guest’s opinions and feedback is automatically updated on your page.
  • Understand your market and adapt your hotel’s marketing plan to satisfy guests.
  • Listen and respond to what customers are saying about your hotel online.
  • Add Tripadvisor user-generated content to add reliability and drive sales.
  • Honesty and transparency go a long way for guests to book a stay.

Hotel / Promo widget

GuestCentric enables attractive “image link” widgets to your website to increase the visibility of your properties.

  • Highlight special offers, promotions and marketing campaigns.
Map Search

Dynamic Packaging

Using GuestCentric’s dynamic packaging, you can create add-ons and sell what you want to promote your location and services. Increase your conversion rates. For guests this means:

  • Ability to combine multiple components in real time. Book an experience that integrates all you want; accommodation, spa, transportations.
  • Increases satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Easy, direct and secure reservation system.


Provide unique experiences for your guests. Promote your spa, gym, a dinner at your restaurant or any experience available at your property. Boost traffic to your hospitality services. Grow your client portfolio and start maximizing revenue.

  • Extend your services efficiently with highly targeted vouchers.
  • Flexible, custom-made gifts to meet specific desires.
  • Fully automated, no additional work. Vouchers are just another payment method.
  • Offer vouchers that are easy to choose and deliver to increase your brand awareness.
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