Increase centralized bookings

An engaging search engine for hotel chains from the leader in hotel booking systems.

Not just chain-level search and filtering.

Absolute customer engagement.

GuestCentric’s hotel search engine has been built for maximum customer engagement. Plentiful search and filtering by locations, services offered, amenities and other criteria allow customers to pinpoint a list of properties that fit their needs best.

Segment your properties.

Draw customers in with emotion.

Romantic, beach, outdoors, family-friendly. Just some of the words that can describe some or all of your hotels. With GuestCentric, you can create emotional tags to your individual properties and let guests search according to those. Higher involvement means higher return for your brand.

Multiple brands.

One singular astonishing experience.

Brand consistency is one of the most valued attributes in chains. Even if you have multiple brands, with GuestCentric you can segment your search while providing customers a coherent search and book experience.

Fortify your brand.

Expand your SEO footprint.

Your brand is your greatest online asset. GuestCentric’s extraordinary hotel search engine spreads your unique brand by tailoring individual hotel pages and expanding your SEO footprint, automatically. And your SEO footprint is the ultimate defense for your brand.

Focus on the target. Push conversion.

Once a customer has decided which property to explore, the focus is 100% on this property. At this stage you want to remove distractions and eliminate exit doors, so that customers book this hotel. No distractions means maximum conversion.

Property level speed. Chain level control.

Chains want to provide autonomy to their properties, but enforce brand guidelines centrally. With GuestCentric, properties can leverage their local knowledge to create relevant content, while control over brand consistency remains at the chain level.

Foresee guest shopping and booking trends.

Without effort.

With GuestCentric, your hotel search engine will always be up to date with the latest shopping and booking trends. Our continuous deployment methodology provides hoteliers with tens of new features every year, ensuring that you are always leading your customers to book with you.

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