Manage your distribution

A channel manager that automates inventory and rates across OTAs, wholesalers and GDS.

No more messy extranets.

An impressive interface that automates all channels.

GuestCentric is the ingenious hotel channel management tool that you were looking for to manage all your online channels such as your website,, Expedia, GTA, Hotelbeds, etc. Whether changing rates across all channels or ensuring availabilities are updated, one click is all it takes. See a list of the 350+ supported channels here.

All your rooms online.

Maximum occupancy.

GuestCentric provides a remarkable solution that centralizes inventory for your most important channels. No more complex allotments needed, as your inventory is automatically updated with every new reservation, in real-time. A spectacular solution that maximizes occupancy while avoiding overbookings.

Control your channels.

Open and close as you please.

Sometimes, online distribution helps increase occupancy. Other times, it just eats away at your hotel rooms’ gross margin. With GuestCentric, you can open and stop sales of channels as you wish. Across all channels at once, or channel by channel.

Price parity, or not. Run the pricing strategy you choose.

With GuestCentric you can run the pricing strategy that fits your needs. Effortless integration with leading revenue management systems like IDeaS provides maximum return for your hotel. And clever tools like minimum sale price enforcement avoid mistakes that can prove costly.

Centralize all reservations, not just OTAs. List with wholesalers and GDS.

GuestCentric provides you with extraordinary control over all reservations, whether online, offline or from travel agents. You can even go as far as your telephone agents creating reservations. Smart overbooking alerts warn you if a certain channel is misbehaving.

Powerful business intelligence. Make sharpened decisions.

Our intelligent reservations’ reporting allows hoteliers to make business decisions based on real statistics instead of “hunches”. Our original Key Performance Indicators (KPI) show the status of your business in real time and the powerful statistical analysis tools help you identify sales opportunities.

Full manual control. Or integrated with all leading PMS and CRS.

GuestCentric provides impressive control of daily availability, rates and inventory (ARI) which allows hoteliers to promptly respond to changes in demand and market conditions. Yet, if you already set the source of ARI data in your property management system or central reservations system, our amazing channel manager already integrates with all the top PMS and CRS.

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