Tivoli delighted after a 190% boost in mobile website views

The Challenge

Tivoli Hotels and Resorts is a leading chain of hotels, spas and other leisure companies, boasting roughly 3000 rooms/apartments in 8 cities across Europe and South America.
It has been part of Tivoli’s tradition, since its inception, to keep a close and customized relationship with all clients, in order to be up-to-date with their needs and demands. Following the needs of Online Digital Marketing, Tivoli provided guests easy-to-use and intuitive online solutions, but only in the Desktop/Laptop dominium.
With the staggering increase use of smartphone and tablets to access the Internet, a current tendency that is expected to continue, Tivoli stated to realize that a potential problem in this key element of their Digital Marketing was arising. From 2010 to 2012, direct bookings made from these devices grew from roughly 0,5% to 7%. PhoCusWright.com expects it to reach 20% by 2014 Tivoli lacked a presence on this mobile online sphere.
Our challenge was simple: Provide Tivoli with a website optimized for mobile. The new platform had to portray the Tivoli’s values of luxury and comfort to visitors. The Mobile experience had to respond to specific need of mobile users like: 1. Quick navigation; 2. Intuitive and quick booking; 3. Optimized images; 4. Selected content.

GuestCentric catered a simple and efficient solution. How?

Employing extensive mobile behavioral data we collected from millions of users, mixing it with award winning web design and GuestCentric’s outstanding ease of use, the result is optimized hotel mobile platform.
We focused on the following issues:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Web based – No App
  • Award winning design

Easy-to-use interface

GuestCentric built a Home Page that easily conducts the visitor to all the Tivoli’s available services: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Spas and a Discount Card. Simple. The visitor sees all these categories in the Home Page, chooses one, and proceeds to choose the facility/location in which to take the experience.
Another very important aspect of the interface is that it provides easy access to phone numbers, address and Book on all pages. The large majority of users access the mobile site to obtain the phone number or the hotel’s address. The 3th most used is the Booking functionality.

Web based – no App

Mobile users need to find Tivoli under a Google search, without the need to download any App. GuestCentric’s web based solution provides just what the “on the move” user needs. By deploying static HTML pages, the platform is optimized for Google’s crawlers.
Everything to ease the user experience and make the client feel at home.

Award winning design

The website shows an elegant and attractive display. We wanted to keep the website loyal to Tivoli’s stylish design and luxurious presentation. With appealing visuals and a booking-facilitating layout, the Tivoli Hotels & Resorts mobile webpage puts the client first and provides a rewarding booking experience, perfectly suited for any smartphone.
What once was virtually impracticable is now just a click away from making a Booking. Available in English and Portuguese (PT and BR), GuestCentric powered Tivoli’s mobile website with the right solution to reconnect the Hotel Chain to the customers who use mobile.

The results were forceful

The acceptance level of the new mobile website among Tivoli’s visitors and users was astonishing. Tivoli was able to finally connect to its mobile users and the result was an increase of 300% on its mobile views. An outstanding result, in the words of Andrea Ivo, Tivoli’s Website Manager: “To be able to connect with our mobile users was fundamental for our brand and now we are finally able to do just that. Mobile users now represent 15% of all Tivoli’s site views, 3x more than last year”.

“Deploy new content specific for mobile users helps us to improve our direct communication channel with our audience, helping us to expand our brand. To be able to do this effortlessly is clearly a big thing for us because it allows us to be more efficient on what we do”.

“GuestCentric’s mobile platform has showed an incredible performance with last-minute bookings. These results exceed the ones we get from our website and so this are very exciting news.” added Andrea Ivo. This meets the customers’ tendency to trust mobile in last-minute bookings. In fact, in 2012, over 65% of people who booked a hotel within 24 hours of checking in did so via mobile.