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Manage your rooms revenue by percentage values

We’ve added more power to the price editing of rooms by adding a percentage values on top of the existing Incremental and fixed values. You now can manage your room revenue and increase/decrease your rates by percentage! Manage my rooms revenue  ...

New ways to manage your rates, a custom back office set up for you

Manage your rooms venue by percentage values If you feel more comfortable managing your rates by measuring it by percentage values… Guess what? You’ll have now one more new possibility to manage your rooms venue by percentual values, enabling you to increase/decrease rates! Manage my rooms...

Roadshow in Malaga last week

The Roadshow "The digital future of your hotel" already took place in Malaga last 19th October. This event was managed together with GuestCentric, SiteMinder, Trivago, Protel and The Hotels Network. Hosted by Salles Malaga Hotel, the event brought together experts from the hospitality industry to discuss new...

New revenue dashboard, more accurate analytics!

The new Revenue dashboard allows you to compare individual channel performance on revenue dashboard (monthly and yearly). It’s time to get more accurate analytics to make the right decisions to boost your sales! Check it out ...

Workshops Turismo de Portugal – Algarve (Faro)

Com o objetivo de sensibilizar e educar todos os hoteleiros do país sobre as vantagens do marketing digital para o negócio hoteleiro, estamos muito orgulhosos em comunicar a nossa nova parceria em conjunto com a entidade do Turismo de Portugal. Esta parceria consiste na realização...

Publituris Portugal Travel Awards 2017

Foi no passado dia 21 de Setembro, no Bom Sucesso Resort, em Óbidos, que teve lugar o evento dos Publituris Portugal Travel Awards 2017. A equipa da GuestCentric teve uma vez presente no maior evento do ano de Hotelaria e de Turismo de Portugal, para...

More customization, better online experience

On top of choosing if you want to show your website pages or links on your footer menu, now you can also select in a very easy way which pages you want to show and order them in anyway you want to! If you need...

Secure your payments, get time to do more things!

Payment gateways have become increasingly popular and it’s no surprise really. With GuestCentric’s integration, payment gateways feed from your guarantee and cancellation policies turning the whole payment process automagic. You just need to worry about your business and we will take care of the rest. Introducing...

Display points of interest on your map location

The new Points of Interest map will allow you to showcase the uniqueness of your location and help your customers on their booking decision. By showing what’s around you that has significance to you and your guests you will be enhancing the guest experience, make...