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Hospitality is all about the relationship between hotels and their guests. So why not engage with them? An easy way to encourage your guests to go green, while still allowing them to make their own choices, is to leave small note cards (made from recycled paper,...

It is now possible to customize email headers and footers with bold and italic text, links, PDFs and images. What can your imagination build with this? If you need help to set up this feature, please get in touch with our Support team: support@guestcentric.com   Request a demo of GuestCentric's innovative solution Sign...

We’ve added more power to the price editing of rooms by adding a percentage values on top of the existing Incremental and fixed values. You now can manage your room revenue and increase/decrease your rates by percentage! Manage my rooms revenue  ...

Manage your rooms venue by percentage values If you feel more comfortable managing your rates by measuring it by percentage values… Guess what? You’ll have now one more new possibility to manage your rooms venue by percentual values, enabling you to increase/decrease rates! Manage my rooms...