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GuestCentric is the all-in-one hotel digital marketing solution: website design, social & mobile marketing, booking engine and channel managements.

Hotel booking module for Joomla!

GuestCentric has developed a hotel booking modules for websites built on the Joomla! platform. The module allows you to add the GuestCentric booking engine to your website, on any location of your choice in your template. The module is customizable, both in look and feel ( 3 different modes ) and in language definitions ( 5 available translations ).

Upgrade the shopping experience of your hotel customers

With GuestCentric’s one-page hotel booking engine, your hotel customers will finally upgrade the shopping experience of their guests. GuestCentric’s all-in-one hotel revenue generation system improves decision making with real-time data that cross-relates analytics and business data like bookings. In addition, customer insight is collected from social networks to allow targeted marketing campaigns and promote loyalty. All in a simple and easy package.

To learn more about the GuestCentric features, select the type of property you want to service:

  • Economy hotels
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  • Learn more about the GuestCentric hotel booking engine.

    “The insertion of the module is extremely easy, in a matter of minutes Joomla! developers can offer their customers a website with professional online bookings”, said Rolando Isidoro, author of the booking engine module for Joomla!. “The module provides freedom to Joomla! users to customize their booking engine by selecting from a wide range of languages and layouts. Joomla! users with basic CSS knowledge can optimize its look and feel by customizing simple properties like fonts, colors and buttons.”

    Developers cloud and GuestCentric API

    The GuestCentric API opens a world of opportunities for developers. Develop new features for your hotel customers and connect them with GuestCentric’s API. From mobile to portals, you can depend on the API to deliver all your hotel information and reduce your developing cycle. Visit and sign up for a developers account for free.

    Installing the hotel booking module for Joomla!

    The module opens the door to Joomla! designers to create websites with state of the art technologies for the hotel industry. For the first time designers can easily offer fully integrated e-commerce facilities on websites, by installing GuestCentric’s portable booking engine to promote online bookings.

    To learn how to install the Joomla! hotel booking module, signup for a free trial account and read the instructions below.


    To install the Joomla! module:

    Step 1

    Download the module from here.

    Step 2

    From the Joomla! Administration screen, select Extensions > Install/Uninstall.

    Step 3

    Under “Upload Package File”, select Browse and select the ZIP file you downloaded in Step 1.

    Then click Upload File & Install.

    Step 4

    Select Extensions > Module Manager.


    Step 5

    Locate the “GuestCentric booking engine” module in the list and click the module name to set the options.


    Step 6

    On the left side parameters insert a custom module name and choose Yes on the Enable option.


    Step 7

    On the right side parameters insert a Booking engine key. If you have a multi language website enable the option and insert the correspondent 2 letter ISO country code. Last but not least choose the layout for this booking engine instance and save your options.

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