Provide unique experiences for your guests.

Spread your brand.

A marketing and distribution goldmine. Promote your spa, gym, restaurant or any experience available at your property.

Boost traffic to your hospitality services. Grow your client portfolio and start maximizing revenue. Vouchers are distributed via your online channels. This new product advertises your services and your hotel brand. Comprise your brand name, contacts and logo to effectively promote your accommodation.

  • Higher customer reach; return customers bring more business.
  • Increase hotel’s visibility.
  • Enhance brand awareness.

Money Upfront.

With vouchers comes money.

And a real boost in cash. Selling a Voucher means selling bundles of services your hotel provides. Vouchers guarantee money for hoteliers while promoting the hotel’s best characteristics.

  • A transaction made at your clients fingertips.
  • Its gift nature lifts cash especially during holiday season.
  • More opportunities all year round.
  • Unspent cash is extra revenue!

Customizable look. Ready to adapt.

A Voucher is not just One Voucher. It is any voucher. Choose from a variety of voucher templates or create a custom version. You decide what you want and what activities to include. Customize vouchers to match your clients’ needs. Experiment with a variety of vouchers to gain new potential customers.

Sell additional products, not just accommodation.

Hotels seen through a whole new dimension. A hotel that joins accommodation with restaurant, bar, spa or any other service that provides amazing experiences. Diversify your supply. Reach customers you typically would not reach. Maximize your revenue. Sell more services in more quantity!

Highly targeted gifts.

From me, to you. And vice-versa.

Personal proposals of satisfied customers that the receiver is motivated to use.

  • An efficient method of spreading your services to others.
  • Builds hotel’s credibility and reputation.
  • Inspires, shapes and maintains customer loyalty.

Fully automated, no additional work.

Consider it automagic. The booking engine already employs a Voucher functionality that simplifies this process. Creating and redeeming vouchers is made easy. Super-intuitive to use. Maximize your revenue. Works like magic!

Easy to choose & deliver

Capable of proving satisfaction to everyone, anywhere. Flexible in multiple ways: Customers can schedule the Voucher to any date in a long-lasting span of time. Customers can order from anywhere in the world. Bought in a click; online, via web, mobile or social channels. A gift that travels beyond boundaries. Vouchers: the time-saving convenience gift.

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