We take the privacy of our client’s data very seriously

The privacy and security of your data and the information of your customers are crucial to GuestCentric’s business. Our safety engineers ensure the use of best practices and latest technologies to protect your data.


GuestCentric software is located in data centers with limited access. Only authorized personnel have access controlled by biometric verification. Security cameras and staff present 24×7 provides additional protection to your information.

Data Protection

Customer data is stored on multiple servers and disks, and a backup is done daily in various locations.


The GuestCentric maintain a complete redundancy of all data and software. So in the unlikely event of a problem with any of the main servers, servers with backups are immediately available.

Secure communications over the Internet

GuestCentric uses Verisign SSL certificates to provide secure communications on the Internet. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used for mutual authentication, encryption and data integrity. SSL is a security protocol in the industry standart to encode sensitive information, such as credit card number. SSL creates a shared key, which only allows access to information to the sender and recipient of the transmission.

Periodic Safety Scan

GuestCentric performs daily scans for vulnerabilities in the security of the key features of the network to identify possible security breaches. The tests of security are carried by McAfee SECURE. The web pages are McAfee SECURE certified after having been subject to daily security scans that help solve problems such as hackers stealing confidential information. The web pages are also developed to combat phishing and other scams, such as affiliations to dangerous web pages with too many pop-ups and manipulations browsers. The brand “live” McAfee SECURE Trustmark appears only when a website has this proof of safety.

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