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GuestCentric is the all-in-one hotel digital marketing solution: website design, social & mobile marketing, booking engine and channel managements.

Innovative hotel mobile web and social marketing

60% of consumers rely on social networks when making travel decisions. 50% of facebook visits come from mobile devices. 20% of all hotel searches are already mobile. GuestCentric’s hotel mobile web and social marketing help you target those high-value users.

Hotel mobile and social booking engine

Mobile internet traffic is growing exponentially. Social networks like facebook are evolving into business eco-systems. GuestCentric enables you to capitalize on these trends of hotel mobile web and social marketing and turn more mobile and social consumers into guests.

  • Display a multi-touch mobile booking engine for mobile users on the road
  • Enable visitors to share their itinerary via email, facebook, twitter or Google Buzz
  • Incent guests to book directly your hotel on facebook
  • Build a community of brand ambassadors by rewarding guests with social marketing exclusives

Hotel mobile websites

If your hotel website is anything like most of our customers, chances are that 3% to 8% of your visitors come from mobile devices like smartphones and iPads. GuestCentric enables you to target those high-value users with an award-winning hotel mobile web design.

  • Mobile in one tap: GuestCentric puts your website in the pockets of always-on warriors, allowing them access to your content wherever they are
  • With a simple multi-touch interface, your guests can be serviced on the road. Tap to call, directions at fingertip are two of the most used features
  • Big, bold pictures: Even though they are mobile, your users can experience your property on a high quality mobile web. Display high-quality pictures optimized for mobile devices
  • Many of mobile users just want to book and go. Our innovative multi-touch booking engine is included

Hotel Facebook pages and social marketing

GuestCentric provides you with the tools to easily increase your brand’s exposure, start your hotel loyalty program and easily reward social media followers. Your hotel will look great on facebook.

  • Stunning page for facebookers: Display a big, beautiful hotel page inside facebook. No extra work needed. No maintenance hassles
  • Hotel online reputation delivered: Monitor TripAdvisor, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, news, Facebook and others. Amplify great content. Respond to negative comments
  • Automagic social updates with sharing of promotions, images on facebook, twitter, flickr. Auto-follow relevant people. Schedule tasks
  • Keep track of what your in house guests and next arrivals are saying and interact with them

Switch to GuestCentric in 25 minutes.

We realize you have no desire to manage multiple solutions from different vendors. Hence, we made changing to GuestCentric as simple as possible. A 25-minute setup session with one of our product managers is all you need. Our professional customer care team inserts the booking engine or migrates you to your newly designed GuestCentric website. And you instantly start increasing your direct reservations by 3x to 10x. Adding other modules is simple. You choose the pace.

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