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Casa de Madrid proud of WebAward and sustained sales growth

Consistent 4x increase in online bookings year-over-year. Webaward 2010 recognized innovation of 7-room luxury guesthouse. Social media and mobile augments strategy into 2011.

Casa de Madrid website

The Challenge

Casa de Madrid is a 7-room luxury guesthouse located in the center of Madrid, Spain. The hotel caters to an upscale clientele, both business and leisure, with a premium ADR. For 2010, three main challenges were identified for Casa de Madrid:

  • Launch a new website that mapped the “stay experience” and managed guest expectations
  • Make the site transactional, and not just an online brochure
  • Increase occupancy while not discounting premium Average Daily Rate
  • The Solution

    GuestCentric powered Casa de Madrid with an all-in-one premium solution at a reasonable price.

    Hotel website design transmits the Casa de Madrid experience

    Working closely with the Ashley and Marta at Casa de Madrid, the GuestCentric team was able to design a website that conveyed the upscale experience at Casa de Madrid, while introducing modern technology to promote and highlight the exquisite rooms and common areas.

    One page booking engine

    Prior to using GuestCentric’s all-in-one solution, dealing with online reservations was a laborious and manual process. Once the GuestCentric solution was deployed, the new Casa de Madrid website started offering visitors a fluid shopping experience with real-time room availability and pricing information.

    Leading edge e-commerce to compete on mobile and social into 2011

    Finally with GuestCentric’s mobile website and facebook pages, Casa de Madrid is prepared to compete with larger, chain-affiliated luxury properties, and can deliver once more the personalized experience that makes Casa de Madrid a unique property in Madrid.

    “Together with GuestCentric, we worked hard to build a world-class website for Casa de Madrid. Being a small luxury guesthouse competing with big budget traditional hotels, it is vital for Casa de Madrid to have a cutting edge e-commerce system to leverage our online marketing strategies.”, said Ashley Usiskin, Business Development Consultant at Casa de Madrid “Partnering with GuestCentric has meant we have been able to thrive in the current tough economic climate and we look forward to continuing to benefit from their expertise and services.”


    Casa de Madrid results

    Online bookings grew 4x in 30 days

    While the team at Casa de Madrid was skeptical at first, as they wanted to provide a personalized experience to every visitor contacting them, guaranteeing instant confirmation increased online booking by over 4x in just 30 days.

    Website visits increase 5x and yields WebAward

    This collaborative effort to build an innovative website ended in winning a WebAward 2010 competing against large luxury properties from all around the World. The award has increased visibility by 5x and distinguished Casa de Madrid as a leading property in Madrid.

    Facebook fan page has over 300 brand ambassadors

    Deploying GuestCentric’s social solution with a new Facebook page and social marketing tools, Casa de Madrid has been able to quickly collect 300 brand ambassadors that are spreading Casa de Madrid’s values and generating referral and viral business.

    “We have very much enjoyed working with a professional company like GuestCentric, they have been able to fully understand the needs and opportunities for a small boutique property like Casa de Madrid. The design of the website matches the look and feel of the property and the technology has provided a perfect solution for Casa de Madrid. Most importantly, the online bookings revenue the property receives has delivered a substantial return on the investment made into the Guestcentric product and services”

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