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Aquapura Douro Valley thrilled with outstanding increase of online direct reservations


Looking for an online digital solution

Aquapura Douro Valley is an Hotel Villas & Spa residency located in the heart of Vale do Douro, a region notable for its unique landscapes, 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and for its production of the internationally acclaimed Port Wine.


With 50 rooms and suites, and 21 villas available, this Hotel Resort brings what’s best of the Douro region, with luxury accommodations and modern technology. The Hotel focuses os such activities as Spa (Health & Wellness Tourism), Villas (Residential Tourism directed to families), and Gastronomy & Wines attracting enthusiasts.

Aquapura was looking for digital marketing solutions both to create a clear, strong and distinctive web presence that would convey their unique look and feel. They were also very keen on finally take control of their online direct reservations.


A convenient and clear communication with clients was missing as well as a platform able to connect with them. Guestcentric’s new website design and booking engine were the online key tools capable of solving the impersonality in client contact and the utility of the website on the booking process.


The goal was to:

    • Boast an easy-to-use online booking engine
    • Optimize the Web-Channel Managing
    • Boost direct online reservations

Boosting online direct reservations

GuestCentric solutions got into action, supplying an affordable all-in-one solution based in a user-friendly interface.


Award winning web design:

When looking to portray the correct look and feel of such property on the web, Aquapura selected the Super-premium solution. The new content-rich website design with big, bold, high-resolution images and easy navigation, evinces the major qualities of this Hotel Resort to its clients. The new interactive and appealing website provides visitors with all the necessary information about the property and surroundings, focusing on efficiency by attracting the visitors to book directly online. All in full harmony with Aquapura’s image, so that every detail matches the hotelier’s vision.


Secure direct bookings:

Visible throughout the whole website and easy-to-use, this one-screen booking engine dwindles reservation abandon rates on the hotel’s website. This best in class booking engine offered a unique and interactive shopping experience allowing Aquapura to boost direct reservations,  increasing conversion rates and  maximizing revenue.


All channels, one interface:

GuestCentric also provided the All-in-one Channel Management platform, to control daily pricing and availabilities through their online channels with one click only. GuestCentric’s platform centralizes all reservations, web, mobile, OTAs and offline. Aquapura now leverages GuestCentric’s innovative one-click publish feature: change once, publish everywhere.


Outstanding Results

This has been a amazing experience! Without a doubt, this past year, our website direct booking increased immensely. We noted results really fast!” said Mrs. Cecília Veloso, Manager of Aquapura Douro Valley.“The whole platform is very user-friendly and it helps us to get more involved”.


The results were very instrumental in reconnecting Aquapura to their clientele. A user-friendly website and booking engine gathered back a large number of customers to Aquapura’s online sphere, which consequently increased direct online reservations significantly.


Plus, the All-in-one Channel Manager “reduced significantly the time the person responsible for the websites spent in matching prices across all platforms, which is priceless”, said Cecília Veloso.


Regarding real values that evidence this impact, the number of reservations increased +220% from 2011 to 2013 showing a revenue boost of more than 190%.


The results obtained show the efficiency of GuestCentric’s service, a unique offer in Hotel Digital Marketing. For the first time, Aquapura really connected with their clients in a customized and friendly way, engaging them in an appealing online booking experience through it’s website, greatly increasing direct online reservations.

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