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Your Monthly Green Tip: Save on HVAC

When running the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system at your hotel, make sure to avoid operating the heating and cooling systems simultaneously. This is a more common problem in hotels than you might think - and it could happen to you! A poorly...

New banners optimised for mobile

Further optimizing the mobile experience, video banners on your website are now device-aware: if guests are visiting your website on a desktop (and probably on an unlimited wi-fi connection), the website will show a video banner, just like before. Meanwhile, if a guest checks your...

Customise the cookie warning message on your website

Cookies are a fact of the Internet. Almost every website out there uses them to offer user personalization or gather statistics on website usage and user behavior. An EU law from 2011 made mandatory for websites to display users a warning about the use of...

Tasty promotions

Now you can create promotions with a non-upgradable meal plan associated. Additionally, the Meal Plan type promotion will always have the “Meal Plan not upgradable” option selected, that is, only suitable for cases in which you want to define a single meal plan. If you...

SEO enhancements: no more duplicate page names

Previously, when a page on your website had the same name as your hotel’s, the page title on the web browser would show that name twice - which is something Google’s tireless bots don’t like at all. Not anymore: we improved the SEO engine on our...

Today’s Best Offer
Today’s Best Offer widget compels guests to book direct

New shopping activation feature: Today’s Best Offer is a new website widget, on by default, that showcases your hotel’s best offer for the day. Upon clicking the widget, the guest is directed to the booking engine with the best offer for that night already selected....

Improved add-ons
Drive revenue up with improved Add-ons

Previously, guests were limited in their ability to acquire Add-ons at the time of booking: only one unit per Add-on type per booking was allowed. Now it is possible to acquire more than one Add-on per reservation: if Add-ons are configured as “Per Night”, guests are...

Your Monthly Green Tip: Get guests involved

Hospitality is all about the relationship between hotels and their guests. So why not engage with them? An easy way to encourage your guests to go green, while still allowing them to make their own choices, is to leave small note cards (made from recycled paper,...