For your convenience, you can find information about invoicing, payment and taxes below.


Are canceled reservations invoiced?

No, canceled reservations are not invoiced. Canceled reservations do not count for Revenue Share calculation.

For more information please see our Terms and Conditions on your back-office on the Setup-System tab.

If I need to change a reservation, when should I do it?

All reservations must be changed according to the reality until the midnight on the third day following the scheduled date of arrival of the guest.

For more information please see our Terms and Conditions on your back-office on the Administration-System tab.

What changes can I make to a reservation

Here are some modifications that you can make:

  • Cancel/confirm the reservations
  • Change the number of nights the guest spent at the hotel
  • Create an offline reservation

For more information regarding our product and the modifications which can be made to the reservations, please contact our support department at [email protected].

You can also consult our help page in order to find more information about our product.

Can I receive the invoice in my local currency?

GuestCentric issues invoices in the following currencies: US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) and GB Pounds (GBP).

  • USD- for North American customers from the rest of the world
  • EUR- for European Union Customers
  • GBP- for United Kingdom customers
  • USD- for customers from the rest of the world
Who do I contact if I want to be invoiced in another currency?
If I want to give-up GuestCentric services, what happens with the reservations not invoiced?

An invoice is made regarding all the reservations from the system(pending or confirmed) not invoiced.


What are GuestCentric’s payment terms?

GuestCentric has one payment term: immediate payment. This means that as soon as the invoice is issued and sent to the customer, it is ready for payment.

What happens if I am paying my invoice late?

If at the moment of receiving the invoice your account presents another invoice overdue, you will receive a reminder for payment with a 5 days notification to suspension.

What happens if my account is suspended due to payment delay?

If payment is not received within 5 days from the suspension, your account will be canceled after which a service fee will be applied for reactivation ($125/€100/£90).


Do I pay VAT if I am a European Union member?

We charge VAT in Portugal. We don’t charge VAT to the customers from European Union if they can prove that they are taxable companies and therefore exempt of export taxes.

In order not to pay VAT, you have to:

• Have your VAT registration number registered in the European Site of VAT registration number validation(VIES):

For more information regarding European Union tax legislation, please check

Should I advise GuestCentric Accounting department when my VAT registration number is registered in VIES?

Yes, you should advise our Accounting department when your VAT registration number can be validated in VIES in order for us to make your invoice without VAT.

Do I pay VAT if I want my invoice to be made on my name (for European Union members)?

Yes, you will be charged VAT .In order not to pay VAT if you want the invoice to be issued in an individual name and not a company  you have to send us a document from the Finance proving that the individual is a taxable person in your country.

What is the VAT I have to pay if I cannot prove that I am a taxable person in my country? (for EU customers)

The VAT in Portugal  is 23%.